The Prophecy

The story that guides us,

as told by Ilarion Merculieff, “Kuuyux,” WWW founder.

 “An old prophecy indicates that a long time ago,
there was a great imbalance that occurred.
Like a pendulum that swung,
Between masculine imbalance and feminine imbalance.

That’s when time began.
That’s when we slipped out of the present moment
Out of the heart—
And into the past or the future,
Through guilt, shame, remorse, anger, jealousy…
All these things that take us into the past.
Or fear, that projects us into the future,
Towards something that hasn’t happened yet...
Every place except the Now.

Indigenous people know,
That the great spirit that lives in all things,
Can only be found in the present moment,
Not in the past or the future….

The last imbalance was a masculine imbalance.
Between 4,000-6,000 years ago,
Everything feminine was threatened to be destroyed.

According to the Elders at that time,
Who were speaking to each other
Through the *inner-net, not the internet…
They were speaking to each other in that original language of One.

 They knew that the original instructions,
Given to all people,
Were identical…
Made only different by the language,
The vibration of the land,
and the culture that they’re from.

These instructions came from one place,
What we call the womb,
At the center of the universe—
The place of creation and creativity.
And it was “downloaded” into us, if you will,
And that’s how we got the original instructions.

This masculine imbalance—
It’s still with us here today.
We are still destroying the sacred feminine.
And Mother Earth-based cultures,
Goddess cultures,
High Priestess cultures
And Mother Earth…
All things feminine…
Could continue to be destroyed during this time.

And so we come to a time in human history
That has been foretold by many, many traditions.
It’s a time when,
If people open up their hearts and share what they know,
In ceremony,
In their sacred ways,
We may restore balance.

The spiritual leaders who were at the very beginning of this imbalance,
Knew that these teachings were going to be abused.
So this part of the world would forget one part of the sacred teaching,
And another part of the world would forget another part of the sacred teaching.
Every part of the world forgot some part of their sacred teaching.

But none of them forgot the same one.
It was a genius way to hide it,
Because it would have been abused.

So the spiritual leaders in each culture
Would not practice, preach, talk about, or celebrate
That part of the teaching that they were meant to forget.

And in two generations,
The knowledge of that teaching was gone.
But it wasn’t gone from anywhere else.

The elders knew,
That the only time human beings would deserve
To have their sacred teaching restored,
Was when they opened up their hearts.

And so,
For the last 15 years,
Elders from all over the world
Have been sharing their part of sacred teachings again.
In prayer,
That one day,
The hoop of the sacred teachings…
Would be made whole again.”

The time has come to remember our original instructions.
The prophecy is coming online… metaphorically and literally.
Each time we gather, we breathe life into this story.

Can you envision a world where we remember who we truly are?