First day of the November Council, Kauai. Photo by Ian Merculieff

First day of the November Council, Kauai. Photo by Ian Merculieff


Indigenous peoples hold a vast repository of untapped knowledge from direct experience in human adaptation for survival. These wisdom carriers gathered to share messages to help shift consciousness and instructions for how to live in balance and harmony with the natural world.

Led by Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jeffrey D. Brown and his stellar media team, the November and Summer Solstice events were recorded, and web-ready videos will be produced and translated into multiple languages. These messages will then be disseminated to partner organizations around the world to reach as many people as possible.

We offer these videos as gateways into listening to the heart. Our vision for this web portal is for people to listen, feel and connect with what is true for them and to receive the gifts of the shared wisdoms of First Peoples of this Earth who can connect us to the ancient wisdom that has guided them and their ancestors how to live in harmony since before time began.

This website is an invitation to journey more deeply into your heart...intended to activate your deepest knowing, your divine intelligence and your deepest heart's desires.

Stay tuned for upcoming video releases here…