We envision a world where we choose love over fear.
We envision a world where our hearts instruct our minds what to do.
We envision a world where we remember what we came here for.

Global Council of Indigenous Wisdom Keepers & Earth Stewards

We have gathered here to share our wisdom, and help you embody yours...
Hello my other self. The time is now.
Let’s walk this journey together, as one global family.

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A Message to Humankind from the Wisdom Weavers of the World

Press play for a rare transmission from global wisdom keepers.



Our Mission

In a time where humanity is seeking answers, we have set out to remind you to look within.

We are a multicultural council of elders and earth activists sharing indigenous wisdom and sacred teachings. We love this earth as our home, so we gather with trust and urgency in this time to pray and discuss how we may respond rather than react to the changes occurring.

We gather to guide each other back home into the heart. We connect, as people of all colors, creed and origins, weaving a web of living, breathing wisdom around the world. This web unites us in awareness, awakens our collective memory, and activates our unique gifts that we call upon to create the world we wish to see.

Together we rise through this shift.
Together we let illusion fall away.
Together we remember who we truly are.
Together, we may find the keys to unlock this great mystery…


Journey with us


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Our Origins

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It all began with a vision.

Imagine: It’s 2017 and Earth’s temperature is rising. Ilarion Merculieff, “Kuuyux,” Alaskan Unangan traditional and environmental leader, receives a message from spirit to gather 13 Elders from all four directions around the world to council on two questions: "How do you see the current state of the Earth...and what do we need to do?"

Through four sacred days and nights on the fertile island of Kauai, diverse ancient teachings collided. Daily councils, ceremonies and discussions revealed the presence of outstanding overlapping themes amongst every cultural heritage… and yet, profoundly, each Elder held a different piece of the puzzle.  

And like the emergence of light after a long, dark night of the soul, a unified message for humanity was born….

Drop into your heart.

This is the message of the Wisdom Weavers of the World.
Journey with us to uncover the meaning for yourself and add your voice to our ever-evolving collective story

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The Prophecy

The story that guides us,
as told by Ilarion Merculieff, “Kuuyux,” WWW founder.

“An old prophecy indicates that a long time ago,
there was a great imbalance that occurred.
Like a pendulum that swung,
Between masculine imbalance and feminine imbalance.

That’s when time began.
That’s when we slipped out of the present moment.
Out of the heart—
And into the past or the future.
Through guilt, shame, remorse, anger, jealousy…
All these things that take us into the past.
Or fear, that projects us into the future,
Towards something that hasn’t happened yet...
Every place except the NOW.

Indigenous people know,
That the great spirit that lives in all things,
Can only be found in the present moment,
Not in the past or the future….”



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We welcome you join us in this journey of weaving wisdom across the globe. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, offerings, reflections, or suggestions. We invite you participate in our expanding offerings.

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