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Help us to awaken the dream

Are you inspired by the Wisdom Weavers? Do you want to see more, or go deeper with us? We welcome energy exchange so we may open more gateways for our global family to connect to ancient wisdom & drop into the heart.

Your donation will go directly towards our efforts to fulfill our purpose foretold by the ancient prophecies, through hosting gatherings to unite wisdom keepers from diverse cultures in council and connect the public to ancestral wisdom through events, short films, stories, webinars and more.

Your pledge supports us to support you in the ways our hearts have shown us how. Your pledge supports us to uncover and share how to sustain our place on Mother Earth.

Through time, we intend to expand our support of the Elders in their home communities and projects and share our abundance to fund them in their sharing of wisdom locally and abroad. 

All donations are processed and received through our fiscal sponsor, the Wild Foundation. Please donate here: www.wild.org/cca/wisdomweavers

Share your unique gifts

As our WWW community grows, we welcome support with the various aspects of sharing our message,
and producing more events to connect, honor and document wisdom keepers’ message around the world.

Do you feel the call to share your gifts?
We are open to Spirit-aligned collaboration and support,
particularly in the areas of…

  • video editing

  • translating our messages into all languages

  • social media outreach

  • fundraising and Grant writing

  • graphic design

  • web design

  • writing

  • photography

  • videography

  • heart-centered marketing

Please contact us to support the vision coming to life!


Thank you so much, beloved Sponsors and Partners!