Drone Photo from the First Wisdom Weavers Council. November 2017, Kauai.

Drone Photo from the First Wisdom Weavers Council. November 2017, Kauai.

The Vision

Inspired by the vision of Alaskan Unangan traditional and environmental leader, Ilarion (Kuuyux) Merculieff, invitations were sent out to gather Elders from the four directions to sit in council and hold ceremonies for the purpose of deep listening to the wisdom streams that were ready to be shared. Over ten thousand years ago, Elders at that time knew that a great imbalance was coming, so the original instructions of how to live in harmony as one Earth family were partially hidden by a wave of forgetting to keep them safe. Each group of people had enough wisdom to survive and continue on, but no one people had all of the knowledge once available to them. 
It is time NOW, many Elders from around the world agree, to reweave the original instructions by coming together and sharing their unique cultural ways that are each a piece in the puzzle with much overlapping wisdom. With Earth's living systems being stressed and dishonored in new extremes, we must come together to weave a new story and new awakened presence as one Earth family in harmony with all of our relations, if human beings are to continue on this Earth.

Planet Earth is in the midst of a vast transition. We are evolving into a planet where love, kindness, understanding of our interrelatedness will govern and create our shared reality.
It is time to bridge all of our wisdom of the past and new intelligence of the future, by arriving more deeply in each present moment, where timeless wisdom of what is needed is always accessible through listening to our hearts.

We are being called into a renewed way of living, being guided by our hearts, with each and every unique heart beating together in the great song of creation.

What are the whispers in your heart calling your presence and gifts to be more fully shared?

We invite you to listen to the ancient wisdom of the the Elders and recognize the connection we all share in this time of awakening to our fuller potential as harmonious conscious Earth beings.